Continent: Africa

Pull Quote: A single act of kindness made me the WordPress developer I am today.


I started playing around with WordPress around 2010. Then I was more concerned about learning how themes work with WordPress and how to develop one. This lead me to the WordPress theme directory where I downloaded countless number of themes and read the source to know how they were created. In June 2013 I graduated …

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Pull quote: ‘Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.’ — Bill Bradley.

Ambition, Persistence, and Self-Motivation

With a growing economy, in a third-world country, the absence of proper education, and lack of local resources to learn about technology, persistence and self-motivation are the key factors to get a successful career, or create a successful, and strong, startup business. Weak Education System, and Economy Unfortunately, we have a weak education system in …

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