Continent: Africa

Pull Quote: Find your purpose, pursue it relentlessly

Hello World – Hevo Nyika

Unokwanisa kuverenga rondedzero iyi muChiShona So I chose a career in Web Development!! To be honest it’s kind of funny when I think about it and quite surreal to be here talking about my story. It has been a journey and I would like to share my story with you. I have been lucky in …

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I am thankful for WordPress because without it, I'm really not sure I would have been able to live a decent life.

WordPress Saved My Life

This probably is the first time I will be telling my story because I have always lived a fairly secret live. I am from Nigeria where I was born and still live in. I know we are all stereotyped as scammers and thieves but trust me, a lot of us own and operate legit (online) …

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Pull Quote: I have fallen head over heels in love with WordPress and I am excited.

WordPress Gave Me the Perfect Identity

How it all began… I remember when cybercafés started trending in Nigeria; I had just finished high school and was awaiting my results for admittance into the university. I would spend not less than 10 hours surfing the internet every day, all my pocket money went into buying bulk time at cafes. My first email …

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Pull Quote: Sleep more, worry less, rely on those around you, and just get on with doing what you do best.

Notes From My Former Self

I’ve written and rewritten this essay so many times now I’ve forgotten what it originally looked like. In the beginning it was going to be the short(ish) story of my first year with WordPress and the lessons I’ve learned about myself. It always ends up being a long and boring story of a year of …

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Pull Quote: I am quite lucky to wake up every morning and work, all on my own, in a country where 54% of the population are unemployed and over 70% are youth.

A Bottomless World of Possibilities

I started playing with websites back in 2003. I was in secondary school and Internet was relatively new to Somalia. It arrived in 1998-99 but only very few people had internet in their homes. Luckily there were internet cafes and I was introduced to this guy who owned an internet cafe. He had a large …

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Pull Quote: WordPress has allowed me to find income I otherwise would not have any way in hopes of earning.

WordPressing The Hard Way In Malawi

I am a self-taught graphic designer/ motion designer turned web designer and aspiring web developer from Malawi, Africa. I am a digital tinkerer who has fallen in love with and currently gone steady with WordPress. Still, the journey is rough. A little about my home country before you hear my story… Malawi Malawi, is at …

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Live Your Passion

There I was cruising along the highway in the middle lane, and I felt it. It started slowly and then all of a sudden – a complete black out. “What’s happening to me?” “Am I dying?” “What about my wife and kids?” “I can’t die now?” These were the thoughts running through my head in …

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