Continent: Australia

Pull Quote: It all begins with a through.

It All Begins With a Thought

Everything begins with a thought. Thoughts are powerful and have a magical way of manifesting themselves in one form or another. Dreams begin with just a thought. Mine was to move to Australia and start my own business. When Topher reached out to me to write this essay for HeroPress, I was so nervous at …

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Pull Quote: My future is looking pretty damn exciting now, thanks to WordPress, and yours can too.

Love your work

“Hi, everyone. I’m Lisa… and I’m a WordPress evangelist.” “Hi, Lisa.” “It’s been 24 hours since my last WordPress plug to a non-WordPress community member, and it feels really freakin’ fantastic.” I honestly cannot stop talking about WordPress as its presence grows in my life. Here is my story. In the beginning… I wanted to …

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