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Pull quote: Being underestimated is a gift.


When I was asked to write an essay for HeroPress, I humbly accepted due to my desire to help others. HeroPress needs a post and perhaps something I say could have a positive impact on another person. Little did I realize that having to write as a “marginalized” individual would cause me to want to …

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WordPress Changed My Life

Finding My Way With WordPress

Wow, HeroPress! How did I even get here? Why am I even here? I’m hardly a hero after reading so many inspiring stories. Let me tell you mine. I do this with my usual reluctance which I will explain in a bit. The Beginning I got started with WordPress about 10 years ago. I was …

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History and Future of Kids Heroes in WordPress

Kids events are not a new thing in the WordCamp and WordPress event space, however, the number of these events happening around the world are on the rise. Kids events focus on teaching children how to become content creators, creative thinkers, and even business owners. Numerous repeat attendees have morphed their personal blogs into businesses …

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Pull Quote: I can finally acknowledge that I am worth being a part of a team.

I Am Cookie Dough

I was always told I had to go to college. I was “gifted” so learning came easy and I enjoyed it.  From ages 6 to 18, I went to competitive accelerated schools designed to churn out college students. It was a narrow path I’d been set on, without encouragement to explore beyond. Majoring in theater …

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Pull Quote: I don't just have WordPress acquaintences. I have WordPress friend. I have WordPress family.

I Found My Tribe

When I was a kid not a single girl said “I want to be a web designer when I grow up”. Mostly because there was no world wide web. There weren’t video games either, until I was in junior high school and Pong came out. Back when I was a kid, girls mostly thought about …

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