Continent: South America

Pull Quote: The failure of a lot of outsource projects, companies, and freelancers is the lack of clear expectations in the beginning.

On the other side

My first experience with WordPress came in 2005. I was taking an online theology program and became friends with the director of the course, C. Michael Patton. The course was provided by a popular Christian website, but over time it became necessary to move it to its own site because of limitations in the current …

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WordPress, a Mere Coincidence

When Topher first approached me, I was a bit unsure if my story could be inspiring enough to help others. While writing it, I realised that in some strange way, coincidences end up making sense. My whole story ended up making sense to me. Once upon a time I was born in San Nicolás, a …

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A Journey of Resilience

The Beginning Back in 2001, while still in high school, I had an internship at the state governor’s cabinet, which had a staff of around 300 people. I fixed computers and printers, installed Windows, set up networks, and so on. Then, at the beginning of 2003, the governor’s term ended, and my internship was ending …

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