Thoughts on Alex King

I didn’t know Alex King. I barely knew who he was.  This may sound strange to so many of you who saw his touch everywhere, but the vagaries of life simply kept us apart.

Over the last year or so I heard his name here and there. A nice long talk with Norcross and Karim Marucchi last year at Orlando WordCamp taught me some cool things about Alex and Karim both.

I knew he had cancer. I knew he had a wife and a little girl, just like mine. I knew he asked people to write to his family, and tell them how he impacted people.

But I didn’t do it.

What would I say? I didn’t know him at all really.

But then he died.

Suddenly my twitter feed was FULL of people lamenting his loss. They talked about what an impact he’d made on their lives. People LOVED him. He changed them. They respected him. He uplifted them.

And suddenly I had something to say. So this morning I sent an email to Caitlin. I told her (generally) that without ever knowing her Dad I was suddenly able to see what kind of man he was by the impact he had on the people around him.

That’s a legacy. I hope to be that great someday.

Alex King was a hero.

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