The Up and Running Scholarship, from HeroPress and WPShout


Registration for this scholarship is closed.


We’re very excited to announce the Up and Running Scholarship, from HeroPress and WPShout.

Up and Running is a course created by WPShout for anyone wanting to learn WordPress development. They’ve recently updated it to a Second Edition for 2017, and it now comes with 40+ chapters, over 100 video tutorials and code walkthroughs with some of the world’s best WordPress developers. WPShout also has free WordPress development content to get you started.

The course is written by Fred and David from WPShout, WordPress developers who have been teaching WordPress since 2013. Alex Denning helped with the marketing and video tutorials, and ran WPShout before Fred and David, so you’re in expert hands.

At WPShout we wanted a way to give access to learning WordPress development to those who don’t have the means to purchase and/or are under-represented in the WordPress community.

To that end, it’s a real pleasure to offer this Scholarship: in partnership with HeroPress we’re offering ten copies of Up and Running (at the Deluxe tier).

If you think this is something you’d be interested in applying for, please read on for details.

If you’re reading this and aren’t interested in applying, please help us get the Scholarship in front of people who could benefit by sharing on Twitter, Facebook or your social network of choice.

Who qualifies?

Applications are open to anyone from three groups:

  • Those in financial hardship (unemployment, jobseeking, students or underemployment).
  • Those in low-income countries without the means to purchase the course.
  • Under-represented groups in tech and the WordPress community, including but not limited to:
    • Women
    • Transgender applicants
    • BAME applicants

Applications are open for four weeks, from 18th April to 9th May.

How is the scholarship awarded?

We’re delighted to have an independent panel of very highly respected WordPress experts from across the globe adjudicating the Scholarship and applications.

On the panel we have:

Each of the panel will look through applications and choose the ten applicants they wish to award the scholarships to. HeroPress will then collate the ten applicants with the most selections from the panel and contact awardees individually. In the event of a tie, a final decision will be made by HeroPress.

What do successful applicants get?

Ten successful applicants will receive the Deluxe tier of Up and Running and, once they have completed the course, a listing on HeroPress that they are available to hire (if desired!).

How do I apply?

We can’t wait to start receiving applications! You’ll need to fill in the form below by the end of the day on 9th May. Any queries please contact Topher.