Cancelling Kickstarter 1

let us live laugh love
bounce back and grab the moment
to keep hope alive

The Present

Today we cancelled our first Kickstarter.  We had 3 days left, but it was pretty obvious we weren’t going to make it.

We really appreciate all the support we’ve gotten.  The Kickstarter contributors were great. The verbal and public support of people were wonderful.  And lastly the naysayers were welcome and useful.  With very few exceptions our detractors enhanced what we were doing, and I appreciate it.

The Future

Our plan at this point is to huddle and make a new plan and give it another shot.  We’ve learned an enormous amount about our audience, their needs, and our capabilities.

We’re actually really excited about some of the visions we have for the future of HeroPress.  It’ll better address the needs we were working on and do it more cost effectively.

Keep an eye on this site, follow @heropress on twitter, or sign up for our email list in the sidebar and we’ll let you know when we fire things up again.