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As of today, HeroPress essays will be syndicated on once a month, on the first friday of the month. A few weeks ago Josepha The Great approached me and said she’d been tasked with getting Better News at that location, and HeroPress was one of her first thoughts. We discussed how it would work …

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Changes Coming To HeroPress

Over the last few months, I’ve been having some deep talks with my HeroPress partner about what the future of HeroPress looks like. We came up with some changes that feel deeply satisfying. Changes we think should help HeroPress, help readers, and help us as content producers. So here we go. Financial Changes At various …

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HeroPress Logo laid over icons of contributors

Accepting Donations

Over the years people have occasionally said, “You should have a donation form; I’d like to help support HeroPress”. Recently a particularly deep conversation convinced me that allowing people to take part financially is a different, broader way for others to contribute to HeroPress. Since HeroPress doesn’t exist without its contributors, I consulted them first …

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Finally SSL!

I’ve been wanting to get SSL on HeroPress for a long time, but couldn’t for a variety of reasons. Well, it’s finally there! That means the HeroPress Widget will finally work properly on sites running SSL, I could someday do a Give campaign, etc. One downside is that it broke our connection to WordPress Planet. …

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You'll be happiest when you define success by the number of lives you touch for the better.

Defining Success

When I first started HeroPress I assumed we’d get at least 1000 page views per day. How many WordPress developers are there in the world? Tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands? What about bloggers? Users? Millions of them? Surely even a tiny tiny fraction of that would make for thousands of page views, right? I’m …

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HeroPress at 10

This last essay from Lara Littlefield was the 10th essay for HeroPress.  It feels like it’s been years.  It’s hard to imagine a time when this wasn’t a part of my life. Our Kickstarter failed in mid-February and gave us time to think long and hard about what we were doing, and how it should …

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HeroPress Rising

We’ve spent the last weeks looking at everything we know and planned for HeroPress.  Why we’re doing it, for whom, how, etc., and we’ve made some changes. Audience Our original audience was WordPress developers and users struggling to interact across cultural and linguistic barriers between the stereotypical Western and non-Western worlds.  We realized those same …

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