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Consistency Gets You Where You’re Going

The Tech Industry has given many gifts in my life. It has been an exciting journey so far. So today I decide to pen down my story as a self-taught Software Engineer and share it with the world.

The story of my journey to WordPress really begins about two years ago.

At the time, I was working a comfortable, well-paying job as a Team Lead at Tech Mahindra, one of the largest tech consultancy MNC’s in India. Through the 10 years that I worked at Tech M, I wore different hats — client representative, mentor, certified trainer — and collected several performance awards including mobile phones, televisions, a digital camera, microwave oven, a PlayStation and best of all, all-expense paid trip to London ????

I thought that programming will give me an ability to express my creative skills through code. The idea of how my work and my knowledge can benefit others is thrilling and something that I love.

And the hero of my story is my very own brother, Sayed Taqui. Sayed is an experienced WordPress Developer and a core contributor, who gave me insights into this different world I had no idea about.

Sayed Taqui and Imram Sayed
Sayed Taqui and Imran Sayed

A new direction

This did not happen overnight. This was a big risk to change track and move from my job to this new world of WordPress and it actually took me two years to make up my mind.

I started with saving money so I could quit my job and learn new skills. I started with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and then moved on to WordPress. I also learned to use the tools like Webpack, Babel & Grunt.

My brother Sayed was always around to help me and guided me with some great inputs:

  • learn the basics instead of specific frameworks (vanilla JS before jQuery)
  • build games to get good at JS. I built my first game in JavaScript, and in 2 weeks it was on PlayStore.
  • Hack away at the WordPress Core as a way to understand it deeply. He also suggested building a CMS in PHP to mimic WordPress, with CRUD functions, posts, pages and taxonomies, inspired by the WP Core.

It all pays off!
After 7 months of rigorous self-training, I applied for a job in a startup called Myrl Tech. Myrl Tech was like a hardcore wrestling ground for me (देसी अखाड़ा), where I learnt to build and deploy applications from scratch.

After years’ worth of experience writing code, learning & applying new technology, giving & receiving training and even being involved with hiring, I got the opportunity to apply to rtCamp, where I currently work.

Desk with an rtCamp shirt on it

rtCamp is a dream job for me. While the perks are great, what I identify most with is their importance on ethics, a friendly culture, and open-source community.

Giving back

WordCamp Kochi name tag and other things related

During my learning journey, I realized a lot of topics can only be understood by digging into the WP Core. And while many learning resources are available online and on, there are not enough tutorials or blogs available for beginners.

So I made a promise to myself that no matter how busy I get in future I will never forget my origin as a beginner and do what I can to help others. Knowledge is power and I feel it’s my responsibility to share what I know.

So I’ve started a YouTube channel, written tons of blog posts and put together several tutorials through my own open source learning platform. I am proud to have been a speaker at over 6 WordCamps across India. I am also a co-organizer of the local WP meetup group, and have organized 8 meetups last year.

I have also spoken at several international events — Matt’s Popup Livestream on Gutenberg, Wordsesh on PWA, JavaScript for WP Conference on Gatsby, WordPress VIP Webinar and many more.

I feel that there are many developers who have amazing knowledge but need a little push since they have never spoken in public. So while all of the above have been high points of my past couple of years, I also enjoy motivating new speakers to share what they know.

Imran speaking on stage

Consistency is what got me here

Switching career paths has been very fulfilling. Having a supportive brother from the technical field was a blessing, and the skills I gained from the previous role like effective communication, public speaking etc, really helped. However, I’ve had to be patient, consistent and put in the work to make it happen. The advice I’d give to anyone pondering a similar switch is to focus on being consistent.

I also feel that the best way to learn is to teach. Small positive steps ( teaching, helping others etc ) that we take today can make a big difference in a long run, not just in our life, but also the ones that directly or indirectly get influenced by our work.

I encourage you to contribute to open-source, not just code but any way possible. Many of us have the potential to do better than what we are doing already. What’s important is we start and be consistent.


  1. Thank you, Imran, for sharing your inspiring journey! One thing I agree and applaud, the amount of hard work that you put into making your dreams turn to reality. Love your attitude of never taking no as an answer and always in the right spirit, questioning the so-called industry and universally agreed/accepted norms. Your journey is inspiring and personally encourages me to undertake new challenges. Your journey reinstates the most straightforward yet powerful fact that everyone has an option to self learn and shape our future, destiny and that, all we need is just some determination, commitment, and discipline. Wishing you all the best!

  2. Hi! Imran, your story was quite impressive. I was looking for the content so I get some motivation that how people were at my age and when the decided to do something where they can reach and to reach there what I need is dream and belief.

  3. Your journey has been inspiring and still on going… Its great to see that people still follow their passion and heart. Well your doing a great job, plus its great to see that you believe in spreading awareness and sharing your skills and knowledge. M glad that you mentioned that people don’t achieve success over night, they have to work for it and sacrifice. With great job comes great responsibilities. Keep up the good work. Hope too see few more success stories and pretty soon.

  4. Hi Imran, I am very impressed by your story. It is quite encouraging for a lot of people to stay committed to their dreams and work in order to make them come true. You proved that nothing is impossible to achieve, what all it requires is hard work, perseverance and above all ” believe in self. I really admire you for sharing your knowledge with people across the world, helping and guiding them, despite being too occupied. Looking forward to see your next success story in the times to come. I wish you good luck for a bright future.
    God bless!

  5. Incredible journey by an amazing person whom I have the opportunity to know personally. I had always been awestruck by the way you presented yourself. A truly genuine, artistic and genius guy. You have been a constant reminder of sheer hard work and at the time the coolest guy !!

  6. Wow, Imran! Thanks for sharing your journey.
    It’s hard to believe that you started WordPress development only two years ago! You are already there all over the community. And your tutorials are some of the best we find on the internet! Keep rocking.

  7. Thanks for sharing your story, Imran!

    I admire how persistent you have been, in terms of creating content for your YouTube channel on top of being a stellar engineer and outstanding teammate.

    It’s always a pleasure speaking to you and solving problems alongside you. Both you and your brother (among lots of others) continue to make rtCamp an enjoyable place to work with. I wish you every success and fulfilment of your dreams!

    To infinity and beyond ????????

  8. Hi Imran

    Great write up man!. I too agree that consistency is one step towards success. But i think being consistence in what you are doing and also keep checking if those steps are bringing any results is necessary too.
    right steps in right direction can make us reach destination faster.

  9. i am for the first time here. I found this board and I in finding It truly helpful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to present something back and help others such as you helped me.

  10. Hi Imran,
    Quite impressive mate know you for decade now . just got to know about your big move , of many memories we had from past working together with Tech M . I feel proud to to have a friend like you

    more power to you

    Mohit K

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