Pull Quote: It's about the satisfaction I feel when I see the impact I make on the community.

Work is not just about Money

Settle in, because you are about to read some worst and some even worst experiences that I have had in my life and yet how I am still pulling myself together.

Before we get into it, I am going to tell you something about me. I am Libertarian, otaku. I LOVE to play with words. By profession I am an IT engineer but by passion I am a writer. I am writing about Microsoft & other Technologies for various publications. I am also writing about Exciting Technology & Mind-Boggling Science and am a co-founder of 2 sci-fi and technological news platform.

I was so engaged in the world of Computer and Technology since the school time. I was excited about HTML, CSS, C and other basic computer programming concept since school. Recently, I completed my Bachelor of Engineering study (result is yet to be declared, but I think I will pass in all subject). And as of now, I don’t have any plans for further studies. Phew.

Talking about WordPress

My cousin introduced me with WordPress in 2010 when I completed 10th standard (grade). OMG! It’s been 8 years! However, at that time he gave me only basic WordPress work i.e.data entry. But later in college I was getting engaged in various freelancing work (mostly WordPress related) and that’s where the real journey with WordPress began!

As of now, I have designed & developed tons of websites with WordPress and modified up to dozens of themes. I enjoy working in WordPress so much that sometimes, I forget to take dinner. I am so committed to my work, it’s like passion to me.

Fast forward to September 2016, I submitted my first WordPress theme “Frindle” to WordPress theme directory. After waiting for nearly 5 months in theme review queue, in January 2017, the theme reviewer rejected my theme, because theme had “5 or more issues” (31 I remembered correctly). And I was back to square one. But after this setback I pushed myself and resubmitted theme again in the very next month. This time everything worked out and the theme was approved in April 2017 and went live on 1st July 2017.

A friend of mine from WordPress community set me up for an interview in her company. I got selected and they wanted me to join from very next day. I was so thrilled and excited but as I was still pursuing my engineering study. But, my college didn’t signed the NDA (for attendance) so I had to give up the opportunity.

Later on, I submitted 2 more themes to the official WordPress theme directory, Horkos & Ogee. Both of them are live right now and Ogee is getting significant user base. Later on, I joined a small web development company as a remote WordPress developer. And worked on so many projects.
While I was working on various freelancing WordPress projects, I was also doing content writing passionately. Now I am writing for several publication and news websites. Mostly I write about mind-boggling science and futuristic technology. Some of my anonymously written articles are featured on popular newsletter such as Slashdot.

This went well:

While I was in the last year of study, my cousin set me up for an interview for internship/training program. Everything was going perfect. The interviewer was impressed from my resume, but all of sudden, he started asking questions about technology which I am not aware of. I straightly said, “With all due respect sir, I don’t know anything about it, but if it’s worth I am ready to learn.” God knows what he heard but within 2 minutes he ended up saying “You are just wasting your life. You can go now.” I was like, man, it took me 30 minutes to find your office, please hear me out.

But everything changed after this interview. When I was driving home from this interview, I got a call from an old friend and he asked me to write sci-fi articles for his new website. Wait! On the same day I got an email from a popular news website asking me to come onboard as a senior editor. I was like this is the worst best day of my life.

So no WordPress?

Well, here’s something good. In addition to this, right now I am perusing internship for PHP/WordPress and front-end developer in an MNC company. I am learning so many things nowadays, collaborating with team, project management, communication with clients and more!

Life nowadays

Every day, I wake up with a new task and go to sleep with a new idea. What is most aspiring in this is the platform that we all associated with. Even though I practice polyphasic sleep, I still need 5 extra hours in a day.

I don’t work for money, I just do it because I am so passionate about it. I mean money is important but work is not just about it. It’s about the satisfaction I feel when I see the impact I make on the community.

I am 22, but as of now, I don’t have a 9 to 5 permanent “job” nor a shoulder to cry on (you know what I mean). But I work a LOT. I love my keyboard. I’m highly sensitive. I spend my days immersing myself in the personal growth world. Maybe in some ways, I’m (definitely) not normal – some of the ways that I go against the grain of the society. And you know what? It’s okay.

So yeah, I’m comfortably okay with the basic skills which I possess. I wonder when people will understand that it’s okay to be “okay”. Everything that was still is. So, whether I like it or not, I pull myself together and I do it all again.


  1. Hie Zipal you are Such a hardworking person as this age you gained lots of things with wonderful knowledge. Success comes to those who quit Thinking and stat doing, so Never give up. I wish u will come to many more success in your wonderful future.
    Congratulations buddy ☺️☺️
    Stay blessed ☺️☺️
    And keep it up??????

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