Heros Are Found In Unexpected Places

This week’s essay is from Dan Griffiths. Dan is a freelancer from Omaha and he does a lot of work with Easy Digital Downloads as well as his own projects.

Dan’s story was tough for me to read. It exemplifies exactly why we decided to include essays from people living in places commonly thought of as easy places to live. In the heartland of America, a decorated military veteran struggles to find work, a place to live, and a place to be accepted.

When HeroPress began it was intended to help people who lived in places where access to the WordPress community was difficult.  Language, connection, culture issues etc.  Dave Rosen pointed out that access to community can be difficult anywhere, even in “the west”.  We originally intended the essays to have a very global audience, but we’ve shifted to having the audience be the peers of the author, wherever they may be.

They could be related by age, or gender.  Experience, language, culture, cancer, depression, race; the way humans are related to each other is practically infinite.

Dan’s not writing to people who live in Africa, or India, or Asia.  He’s writing to people who have felt alone, lost, abandoned and directionless.  Sure, those people might live in Africa, or India, or Asia, but the point is that they can be anywhere.  Even living in one of the most prosperous, comfortable, safe countries in the world.

Look around you.  People are everywhere.  Any one of them can be a hero.  You can be someone’s hero.  Heros are found in unexpected places.

The WordPress community has enabled Dan; uplifted and supported him. Please check it out, and if you have any questions, head over to WPChat.

Infinite Possiblities by Dan Griffiths

WPChat for Infinite Possibilities

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