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Pull Quote: I hope and pray that in some small way I'll be able to take what I've learned and make an impact for others.

Growing Up Rural

This week’s throwback essay is titled “I don’t know anything, and that’s ok“. It was written back in 2015 by my friend Kyle. He and I grew up in similar circumstances; far from a hub of civilization, in a relatively economically depressed area, without the best education opportunities. Yet he and I both managed to …

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We Interrupt This Broadcast

Due to some unforseen circumstances (life) there won’t be a new HeroPress essay this week. Instead I’m going to tweet quotes from past essays throughout the day.  In order to do that I’m re-reading each essay. I had forgotten how really amazing these are.  Each week I get so focused on the new one and …

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Thoughts on Comments

Before the first essay on HeroPress I decided not to have comments enabled.  I wanted each essay to stand alone as the ideas of that one person.  Comments would change the message, whether they be positive or negative.  Aside from that, many of the contributors open themselves up, exposing old wounds and sensitive memories.  The …

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Never Give Up

I first met Rafael Ehlers at PressNomics this last spring.  I’d already met some of his co-workers from MailPoet, and he already knew who I was from talking to them, so we had common ground right off the bat. We didn’t get much time to talk then, but we’ve talked a bunch on Slack ever …

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No Shortcuts

Any time someone wants to master a craft they must choose to work through the obstacles to get there.  It takes time, energy, patience, and often tears.  In this week’s essay, “WordPress Shouldn’t be Learned in Isolation“, Julie Kuehl talks about her decision to master WordPress, and the path she’s chosen to take to accomplish …

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Heros Are Found In Unexpected Places

This week’s essay is from Dan Griffiths. Dan is a freelancer from Omaha and he does a lot of work with Easy Digital Downloads as well as his own projects. Dan’s story was tough for me to read. It exemplifies exactly why we decided to include essays from people living in places commonly thought of …

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