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How has HeroPress affected you?

This coming weekend I’m presenting a case study on HeroPress for WordCamp Milwaukee, and in September (as you ALL know!) I’m doing a presentation on HeroPress at WordCamp Pune.

I’d like for both of those presentations to have some feedback from readers about what HeroPress has meant to you, or how it has affected or impacted you.

Please leave a comment on this post and let me know.  Feel free to remain anonymous if you wish to.

I will be filtering out trolls, so if you feel like trolling, please go build a useful plugin instead.

Thanks everyone!

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  1. People are everything. No project is complete or even possible without the people behind it.

    The stories of those people are what has helped shaped them into the people they are today.

    Knowing one’s story is fundamental to truly getting to know a person.

    That’s precisely why HeroPress is important. You are helping tell people’s stories.

  2. Adding to what Pippin says, the stories of the people working with WordPress form the story of WordPress itself. The fact that the project is a welcome place for all, that it is easy to use and easy to start off with, that it is democratic, that it empowers us to take our thoughts, ideas, careers and lives into our own hands and make something useful out of it cannot be understood without these stories.

    WordPress is the hero amongst all CMSes because it lets anyone using it become a hero in their own right! You are not describing heroes, as some feel, but inspiring new ones. That’s what HeroPress is impressing and IMHO, that’s the most important contribution to the WordPress project, whether we realise it today or not.

  3. I have worked and interacted with many in the WordPress community but very rarely got to know about their WordPress story. Their story of how WordPress impacted their life, shaped their ideas, views and empowered them at times. It means so much and so many different things to each and every individual.

    For me personally, HeroPress re-affirms or gives a peek into the idea that WordPress is not just code or software or culture – but also something that has a potential for socio-political impact on issues of openness, transparency, diversity and empowerment.

  4. HeroPress has been one of the shining stars of the WordPress community in the last year. In a community as large as ours, many of the most important narratives and origin stories are lost. These stories hold so much value for entrepreneurs just recently entering the space. HeroPress fills the gap and gives a platform to these stories, so that others can grow and face the same challenges in uplifting ways.

    WordPress has always been focused on users and the *people* that use it. HeroPress fills the gap by ensuring that stories that would have otherwise been lost are heard and used to learn by others.

    Institutional memory can be hard to hold onto in an open source community like WordPress, and HeroPress is doing very important historical work by documenting highly unique narratives on a regular basis.

    Thank you, Topher, and team HeroPress for growing our community in such beautiful ways!

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