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Never Give Up

I first met Rafael Ehlers at PressNomics this last spring.  I’d already met some of his co-workers from MailPoet, and he already knew who I was from talking to them, so we had common ground right off the bat.

We didn’t get much time to talk then, but we’ve talked a bunch on Slack ever since.  I live in a world where many dozens of WordPress developers within 50 miles of me, and thousands within a few hundred miles.  It’s been fascinating to me to hear about a place where that simply isn’t the case.

And yet, even in a place where the community isn’t as vibrant as the one near me it’s absolutely vital to a career in WordPress.

The phrase “It’s all in who you know” usually means knowing powerful and influential people.  In the WordPress community it usually means knowing as many people as possible.  The larger your network of friends and associates, the more likely you are to get support.

Rafael mentions how important he feels it is to speak English to get ahead in the WordPress community.  That may be true, but it makes me sad.  I look forward to the day when someone can have a strong vibrant career in WordPress without knowing English at all.

If you haven’t read yet, please be sure to check out Rafael’s essay, and ask any questions you have over at WPChat.

rafael-ehlersA Journey of Resilience by Rafael Ehlers

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