The Voices Of The Young

This week begins a three week series on HeroPress of essays from people younger than 20.  Someone wise pointed out that these aren’t necessarily stories about “the periphery” of WordPress.  I’m choosing to go ahead with them though, because I think this is definitely a thin margin in the WordPress community, and one that we want to foster and help grow.

Two of the contributors are developers, and one is a writer.  The obstacles of the young are different from those older.  Have you ever wondered if you’re invited to a WordCamp after party because it’s at a bar, and you’re not allowed in? Have you ever had anyone look down on your work simply because of your age?

I’m excited to hear the voices of the young amongst us.  Stories of growing up with WordPress, and dreams of the future.  Please join me in welcoming and nourishing the youth in our community.