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Before the first essay on HeroPress I decided not to have comments enabled.  I wanted each essay to stand alone as the ideas of that one person.  Comments would change the message, whether they be positive or negative.  Aside from that, many of the contributors open themselves up, exposing old wounds and sensitive memories.  The last thing I want is to hurt these good who’ve laid things on the line to help others.

That said, I knew there’d be some really valuable input.  To that end I started posting a companion post on WPChat.  For the most part we got very little traffic.  The occasional “great post”.  A few times it worked spectacularly, which helps me believe that people want to contribute to the conversation.

Given all of the above, starting this week I’m going to make Comments being on a matter of discretion for the Contributor.  We’ll see what the traffic looks like.  I’m sure some people will simply choose not to have them on to avoid the headache.

To be clear, WPChat has been great to HeroPress and I thank them very much.  I simply want to experiment with local comments.

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