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Transparency, One Last Pune Update

If you missed the fact that HeroPress fans paid my way to WordCamp Pune then you weren’t paying attention.  As always I’m super grateful for that.  I wanted to publish some numbers for the sake of transparency.

The GoFundMe raised $2540.00.  GoFundMe’s fees for that were $209.66.

My hotel was $285.34.

Travel was $1581.41

My Visa was $322.30

Lastly, my Uber ride cost $1.36.  I threw that in because it seemed incredible to me that it cost so little to go across the city.

Total expenses were $2400.07, only a little more than I guessed I would need, and only a little more than I spent.

The difference there is $140, which I’ll either give to a WordCamp that needs it or to the WordPress Foundation.

Thanks again everyone!