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WCEU Cartoon Cityscape

WordCamp Europe 2016

Thanks to the generosity of some kind friends it looks like HeroPress will be going to WordCamp Europe. Happily, that means not only me, but my wife will be able to come as well, which is fitting given the amount of work she’s put into HeroPress. We’d love to meet as many people as possible, …

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Transparency Report

Last September I (Topher) went to WordCamp Pune and did a GoFundMe to pay for the trip.  I promised any extra money from the GoFundMe would be used to sponsor a WordCamp that needed it. I had $170.00US left over, and it went to WordCamp Seattle.  Since the GoFundMe was a personal venture to send …

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Subtle Impacts

My goal with HeroPress has never been to help people directly.  The idea was to find someone who’s solved a problem and have them tell how, so that people with that same problem can see a way out. I have no idea if that’s ever been successful. Many people have told me that the essays are …

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