We Interrupt This Broadcast

Due to some unforseen circumstances (life) there won’t be a new HeroPress essay this week.

Instead I’m going to tweet quotes from past essays throughout the day.  In order to do that I’m re-reading each essay.

I had forgotten how really amazing these are.  Each week I get so focused on the new one and making sure it gets out that I forget to pay attention to the past ones.

If there are some you’ve missed please go back and check them out, it’s worth it, I promise.

I’ve turned on comments for all past essays, so feel free to let the contributors know if they’ve make any kind of impact on you.

And thanks for reading!

“WordPress is known for, and I think takes pride in, being a gateway for people to go as far as they want from blogger to user to power user to consultant to junior designer/developer to full-on designer/developer. Take it as far as you’d like. It’s a road you have to walk yourself, but there are others who are happy to walk by your side. They’re the heroes. And so are you.

— Julie Kuehl
WordPress Shouldn’t be Learned in Isolation