Ana Segota

My Road to WordPress

Contributor: Ana Segota

What do you want to do for living? Depending on where you stand in life, this question can either be the most easiest or an incredibly tough one to answer. When you are ten or fifteen this question is exciting and it has the power to open a whole box of wishes and dreams that …

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Maedah Batool

The Making of a WordPress Journalist

Contributor: Maedah Batool

I went from being an Electrical Engineer to a WordPress Journalist cum Researcher. I review products, provide WordPress support and handle technical documentations. Here’s my story. October 27th, 2010 — The day my passion became my paycheck, and I was hopeful and excited about trying out something I always wanted to do i.e. to blog! …

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Vlad Olaru

You Really Have No Excuse

Contributor: Vlad Olaru

Topher really dropped it on me with this article. There I was happily mumbling away about philosophy and life lessons (with regards to our experience at PixelGrade) when he said: “I’d love a message from you to other Romanians about what a business around WordPress can do for them”. I kept on mumbling anyway (it’s …

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Ed Finkler

How WordPress Taught Me To Be a Better Developer

Contributor: Ed Finkler

I might seem like a curious choice to write a post at HeroPress. I haven’t done any WP dev since around 2.0. I’ve done some work here and there setting up a couple WP installs since, but it’s been years since I was on a first-name basis with the code of WP. After having written …

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Sam Najian

Growing Through WordPress

Contributor: Sam Najian

Having coded on visual studio for quite a while an older fellow of mine got me more interested in web and developing for web by saying “developing for a desktop is not as fun and as challenging as developing for web, things can get very boring soon on desktop, on web you have more problems …

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Nicole Osburn

Groomed for Real Estate, Destined for Something Else . . .

Contributor: Nicole Osburn

While other kids played with beanie babies I was hawking mine on eBay. I was always enamored with business and marketing. My family had a successful real estate business and at a young age I knew I wanted to go into business. I realized the importance of online marketing early on with my beanie baby …

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Puneet Sahalot

WordPress – My Future

Contributor: Puneet Sahalot

I love reading HeroPress essays in my free time. It’s a source of inspiration. Sometimes you come to know about people who faced similar challenges like yours. Sometimes you come to know of people who have failed and worked hard to succeed. It’s always interesting to read these essays and learn from how things can …

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Karin Taliga

Moving On From Moving On Stage

Contributor: Karin Taliga

I am a trained professional dancer. As in nine years of elite ballet school. If you saw Chris Lema’s presentation at WordCamp Europe 2014 when he talked about dancers dancing on their tippity toes – that was me. All the preparations he talked about regarding the point shoes? I’ve done them, and more. That was …

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Andrea Zoellner

A Leap Of Faith Into WordPress

Contributor: Andrea Zoellner

I can talk myself out of anything: going to the gym, leaving town for the weekend, even putting down my phone. In fact, I almost talked myself out of the career move that would change my life. Good thing I didn’t. My Story I studied journalism in Montréal, Canada, where I currently live. After working …

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Jeff Matson

Out Of The Darkness

Contributor: Jeff Matson

When I first chatted with Topher about doing an article for HeroPress, I couldn’t quite think of how I would put the words together to describe my life, and what has gotten me to where I am now. Am I that interesting? This is exactly where imposter syndrome grabs you by the balls thinking you …

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