Winstina Hughes

We Are The Same

Contributor: Winstina Hughes

Topher asked me to write an article for HeroPress as we sat together in an alcove in the Philly Convention Center. I was in a vulnerable space. My lightning talk at WordCamp US had concluded, and I was settling into the experience of being at another WordCamp. I thought about the life experiences that brought …

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Help a HeroPress friend

Hey folks, HeroPress contributor Michael Beil is fighting for his life right now. Michael’s a personal friend, and a tremendous person. There’s an online donation form to help with medical bills and life in general. If you can, please help out. You can read Michael’s HeroPress essay here.

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Tom Nowell

Over The Atlantic

Contributor: Tom Nowell

I’m on a plane. They’ve just served lunch and I realise I’m stuck. There isn’t enough room to slip out for a bathroom break without tipping my meal and the trolley blocks the aisle. I cough and notice I’m tense, what’s going on? I enjoy flying, why should today be any different? Is it that …

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Andrei Lupu

The WordPress Mantra Is Mine Too

Contributor: Andrei Lupu

Transparency makes the world go round I like being honest, so please allow me to provide a context for this story. First of all, I’m a pretty introvert kind of guy, and I often need to be thrown in the cold water to start learning how to swim. This was exactly what happened with my teammate, …

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Sarah Wefald

Changing Careers with WordPress

Contributor: Sarah Wefald

Working in WordPress full time did not come quickly, directly, or in the ways I expected, and it was worth every step of the way. I started out in marketing in the music industry and ended up as the project manager at a WordPress development agency nearly 10 years later. Changing careers is a lot …

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Jackie D'Elia

Full Circle: Life Lessons of a Perennial Entrepreneur

Contributor: Jackie D’Elia

I didn’t go to college until I was in my 40’s. When I graduated high school I went to work for a family business. There has been one common thread throughout my adult career, my love for technology. I was 24 when I bought my first computer, it was PC running MS-DOS. Five years later, …

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Robert Cheleuka

WordPressing The Hard Way In Malawi

Contributor: Robert Cheleuka

I am a self-taught graphic designer/ motion designer turned web designer and aspiring web developer from Malawi, Africa. I am a digital tinkerer who has fallen in love with and currently gone steady with WordPress. Still, the journey is rough. A little about my home country before you hear my story… Malawi Malawi, is at …

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Nisha Singh

Building Confidence

Contributor: Nisha Singh

I can clearly divide my life in two parts before and after marriage. Before I got married, I was staying in Chapra, a small city in Bihar. I had graduated in Botany, we only had electricity for 5-6 hours a day and no easy access to internet or computers. After my marriage, I came to …

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Dee Teal

Actually, WordPress didn’t change my life.

Contributor: Dee Teal

My story starts in high school as a girl with a technical bent, in a small country town just as computers were becoming mainstream but well before they were in everyone’s home. (I was in high school when Apple came to school and showed off this new fangled thing they called a mouse…). We were …

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