Video from DoSummitGood

I recently took part in DoSummitGood, an online conference for people and organizations working to Do Good in the WordPress community. The organizers managed to get recordings of all the talks on YouTube the very next day, which is pretty impressive. In this talk I tell a lot more about what was going on in …

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Olga Glekler

14 Years’ Detour – Крюк длиной в 14 лет

Contributor: Olga Gleckler

Это эссе также доступно на русском языке Knowing what you want isn’t enough. At the age of fifteen, I was told to hurry up with my professional education, if I don’t get a free place at university no one will pay for me. Last one was obvious and not because of money. I didn’t know …

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Nirav Mehta

Life Stacks Up – From A Small Town Boy To A Geek Entrepreneur

Contributor: Nirav Mehta

A six year old is in deep thought. His gaze stuck on an intricate structure made with wooden sticks – a large rectangular box in the centre, a tall stick, some knitting threads running up and down. All this is arranged in a shelf in a common terrace wall of two middle class Indian homes. …

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Aniello "Nello" Forlini

WordPress and Customer Support, A Perfect Match

Contributor: Aniello Forlini

My adventure with WordPress started back in the days, circa 2006, when I tried to use in a local area network at the company I was working for at the time. I soon realized was a better fit and began experimenting with setting up multiple sites for different purposes. Fast forward to 2015/2016, …

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Pramod Jodhani

Becoming A Successful WordPress Freelancer In India

Contributor: Pramod Jodhani

The Back Story In the final year of my Engineering degree, my Head of Department summoned my friend and me to his office. Both of us were not the highest scoring students but we were the most active ones. For our major project rather than building just anything, he wanted us to build a PBX …

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Sandy Edwards

History and Future of Kids Heroes in WordPress

Contributor: Sandy Edwards

Kids events are not a new thing in the WordCamp and WordPress event space, however, the number of these events happening around the world are on the rise. Kids events focus on teaching children how to become content creators, creative thinkers, and even business owners. Numerous repeat attendees have morphed their personal blogs into businesses …

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As of today, HeroPress essays will be syndicated on once a month, on the first friday of the month. A few weeks ago Josepha The Great approached me and said she’d been tasked with getting Better News at that location, and HeroPress was one of her first thoughts. We discussed how it would work …

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News, Updates, etc.

You may have noticed there’s no Essay this week. This is for a variety of small reasons, some of which involve going fishing. We’ll resume our regular schedule next week. I think this is only the second time in over 4 years that we’ve missed an essay. Later this week I should have a fun …

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