Sophia DeRosia

Growing Up With WordPress

Contributor: Sophia DeRosia

Hey gang, I’m Sophia DeRosia, I’m 14 years old, I’m homeschooled, and I’m here to tell you my WordPress story. I grew up with WordPress. My entire life my dad, Topher DeRosia, worked with WordPress. At one point a couple years ago he tried to convince me to create a blog, and I had originally …

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Abhishek Kumar

An Endless Supply of Happiness

Contributor: Abhishek Kumar

Money buys happiness As a child, I didn’t know or care much about adulthood and complexities of life. I wanted to end up with a job that pays well so I could buy an unlimited supply of cartridges for my arcade gaming console. Adulthood was simple! However, I grew up and like a lot of …

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David Laietta

A Community of Acceptance

Contributor: David Laietta

I’m going to open my essay with a bit of self-exposure. These things aren’t really secrets, but some context places me into a broader story. I’m the child of two Army parents, and spent at most two years at any one school, and have several cities play home at various points in my life. I’m …

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Ed Kratz

On the other side

Contributor: Ed Kratz

My first experience with WordPress came in 2005. I was taking an online theology program and became friends with the director of the course, C. Michael Patton. The course was provided by a popular Christian website, but over time it became necessary to move it to its own site because of limitations in the current …

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Uriahs Victor

A Minority Amongst Minorities

Contributor: Uriahs Victor

I’m a minority amongst minorities, but it doesn’t matter. Let’s get to know each other Hi, I’m Uriahs Victor and I’m a Carib – bean from the island of St. Lucia. How many Black Developers do you know in the WordPress Community? 5? 20? How many of them are from the Caribbean? How many raised …

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Nevena Tomovic

Taking A Chance With WordPress

Contributor: Nevena Tomovic

My grandad always used to say “živi se usput”, which translates from Serbian into “life happens while you are making plans“. Everyone is in a rush,  planning their next weekend, holiday, career path, children…. Of course you have to exercise, stay fit, look good, relentless pressure is the way of life today. I happen to …

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Stacey Bartron

Finding WordPress in Fargo

Contributor: Stacey Barton

I am sure most of you are wondering “New phone, who dis?” when it comes to me. Okay maybe not those words exactly, but I know I am a no-name and haven’t been around very long. I haven’t created any kick ass plugins (yet), I haven’t contributed to WordPress core (yet), and I haven’t developed …

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Juhi Saxena

The Joy of Giving Back

Contributor: Juhi Saxena

I was born and brought up in a very small town called Patiyali. Patiyali is on the banks of the river Ganga. It is in India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh. Patiyali was laid back and idyllic, with no real opportunities in IT or computers. My father never wanted me to go for IT Job because …

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Marc Benzakein

16 Little Things That Grew Into Big Things (My Life in a Bunch of Words)

Contributor: Marc Benzakein

I suppose I’ve always had the “entrepreneurial spirit.” My first taste of being in business likely occurred prior to this, but the first time I *remember* really enjoying building my own business was in the fifth grade. Little Thing #1 For Christmas, I had gotten a new handheld electronic game. I suspect that most readers …

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You'll be happiest when you define success by the number of lives you touch for the better.

Defining Success

When I first started HeroPress I assumed we’d get at least 1000 page views per day. How many WordPress developers are there in the world? Tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands? What about bloggers? Users? Millions of them? Surely even a tiny tiny fraction of that would make for thousands of page views, right? I’m …

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