Eric Kuznacic

I fell. WordPress helped me up.

Contributor: Eric Kuznacic

As I laid there in a heap on that cliffside, my body broken, bloodied and battered, never once did I think, “This is one of the best things to ever happen to me and will lead me down a path of personal and professional fulfillment.” But that’s what happened, and WordPress is among the biggest …

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Carl Alberto

WordPress Set Me Free

Contributor: Carl Alberto

I’m Carl Alberto, a work-from-home WordPress web developer based in Antipolo, Philippines. I hope my story will inspire people that came from schools that don’t teach too much technical stuff and people that are coming from remote or not highly developed places It won’t be a hindrance in getting a good WordPress related job. Web …

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Kayla Jenkins-Medina

Custom is not Synonymous with Expensive

Contributor: Kayla Jenkins-Medina

My name is Kayla Jenkins-Medina. I’m a mother of two, a wife, a banker, a blogger and a WordPress enthusiast. Do you know what that means? It means I’m a pretty busy woman. MY LIFE AS IS I live in one of the only 2 non-island countries in the Caribbean, Belize. It’s bordered by Mexico …

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The Other Side Of WordPress

Something that’s always bothered me about HeroPress is that it’s just so happy and upbeat all the time. Sure, people talk about some hard things sometimes, but it always ends with everything being better and awesome and happy. I’d like to clarify that it’s not always like that. Sometimes it ends in tears, frustration, and …

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Tamsin Urquhart

The Bumpy Journey of Becoming

Contributor: Tamsin Taylor

‘There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.’  — Leonard Cohen My journey began when I lost my hero. (In truth, I didn’t lose her, she died.) We had come together during dark times. Her husband, my grandfather, passed away painfully when I was five. Around the same time, my parents …

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Vladimir Petkov


Contributor: Vladimir Petkov

I started working with the web 16 years ago (yes, I am that old) because I wanted to make a web page of my IRC channel. IRC was my new hobby and every respectable channel had a site with a list of its members, photos and some texts. I have always had hobbies which arise, …

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Sophia DeRosia

Growing Up With WordPress

Contributor: Sophia DeRosia

Hey gang, I’m Sophia DeRosia, I’m 14 years old, I’m homeschooled, and I’m here to tell you my WordPress story. I grew up with WordPress. My entire life my dad, Topher DeRosia, worked with WordPress. At one point a couple years ago he tried to convince me to create a blog, and I had originally …

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Abhishek Kumar

An Endless Supply of Happiness

Contributor: Abhishek Kumar

Money buys happiness As a child, I didn’t know or care much about adulthood and complexities of life. I wanted to end up with a job that pays well so I could buy an unlimited supply of cartridges for my arcade gaming console. Adulthood was simple! However, I grew up and like a lot of …

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David Laietta

A Community of Acceptance

Contributor: David Laietta

I’m going to open my essay with a bit of self-exposure. These things aren’t really secrets, but some context places me into a broader story. I’m the child of two Army parents, and spent at most two years at any one school, and have several cities play home at various points in my life. I’m …

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Ed Kratz

On the other side

Contributor: Ed Kratz

My first experience with WordPress came in 2005. I was taking an online theology program and became friends with the director of the course, C. Michael Patton. The course was provided by a popular Christian website, but over time it became necessary to move it to its own site because of limitations in the current …

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