Carole Olinger

The Only Journey Is The One Within

Contributor: Carole Olinger

I was born in Luxembourg (Europe), almost exactly 36 years ago. To be honest, I was not one of the children or teenagers who knew what they wanted to become when they grow up. And to stay honest, I still don’t know exactly to this day. After school I got advised to start working for …

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Jamaal Jaamac

A Bottomless World of Possibilities

Contributor: Jamaal Jaamac

I started playing with websites back in 2003. I was in secondary school and Internet was relatively new to Somalia. It arrived in 1998-99 but only very few people had internet in their homes. Luckily there were internet cafes and I was introduced to this guy who owned an internet cafe. He had a large …

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Natalie Miller

WordPress Flexibility

Contributor: Natalie Miller

When I was asked to describe myself and my interests for a bio at work I floundered. I felt the same way when sitting down to write this. Where do I even begin? For my bio, I decided instead of narrowing it down I’d go with “jill-of-all-trades.” I really like to do everything and if …

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Rebecca Haden

WordPress: A Tool for Success

Contributor: Rebecca Haden

I was a college teacher for most of my life. When my fourth baby arrived, I gave up a travel-heavy university job and took a “mommy job” as a bookstore manager. I chose books, held teacher workshops, and read stories to children for 15 years. As the internet became important, we put up a website …

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Varun Dubey

A Blissful Driving Force

Contributor: Varun Dubey

As a college guy, I believed in being different and outperforming the best of my lot. Coming from a modest family background, the realization of achievement dawned over me. I never favored being a 9 to 5 corporate professional and a having a ‘boss’ was simply not my cup of coffee. I was never interested …

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Heather Burns

Going Back To My Roots

Contributor: Heather Burns

“Get out there and look at that f****n car. Look at that f****n car!” And all of the good little office girls jumped up and ran outside to ogle and coo over the chairman’s latest “prestige motor.” Me being me – someone who couldn’t care less about cars, or massaging the needy egos of the …

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Monique Dubbelman

Coming Home

Contributor: Monique Dubbelman

When I was 17, I attended the school for graphical design and printing. I remember one time a teacher yelling at me: ‘With an attitude like that, you won’t get very far in life’. I don’t know why this pops into my mind at the very moment I started to writing this piece for HeroPress. …

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Thabo Tswana

WordPress Opened Up a Whole New World

Contributor: Thabo Tswana

Before WordPress Several years ago, I went through a tough time in my life. I lost my job and I was desperately in need of a career change. Because of the economic climate in Zimbabwe, I didn’t see many options, but I felt that IT held the most promising future. So I completed an A+ …

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Kasia Swiderska

A Sense Of True Freedom

Contributor: Kasia Świderska

It’s 7:30 in the morning in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The hostel’s cat just came to say “Good morning” and I just finished my night shift on the WPMU DEV forum. It’s my third day in Rio after spending the last 40 days in Bogota, Colombia. Traveling is in my blood or at least, it …

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Chris Ford

Not every hero wears a cape

Contributor: Chris Ford

I almost didn’t go to my first WordCamp I started working with WordPress in 2010. A client requested I use WordPress and a Revolution theme they’d purchased to build their new site. When I was done, I submitted it to the theme showcase, and Brian Gardner reached out to tell me how much he’d liked …

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