Damian Samolej

Crafting the Life You Want

Contributor: Damian Samolej

I grew up in a small country town in Poland, where life was pretty simple. People would know all the neighbors, they would pay each other visits every week to talk about what’s been going on in the community and to have a beer or two. It all seemed great until the moment when I …

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M Asif Rahman

Retiring Young From Bangladesh, Thanks To WordPress

Contributor: M Asif Rahman

When you are reading this, I am very near to celebrate my 33rd Birthday. I don’t know how this number ’33’ sounds to you, but in some ways, I feel it’s a big number. I know many of you would argue that 33 is not an age to be considered old. In this article I …

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Juhi Patel

Is WordPress Good for Indian Women?

Contributor: Juhi Patel

આ નિબંધ ગુજરાતીમાં પણ ઉપલબ્ધ છે Why has computing always been a boys’ club? I live in a society where women are not allowed to work in an office. People in my society think that all women have to do is take care of her family and stay at home. Narrow minded society. But I …

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Milana Cap

The Greatest Screenplay Writer

Contributor: Milana Cap

My upbringing was not quite usual Serbian upbringing. I was almost forbidden to do things I didn’t really love. My parents insisted on trying things and finding that deep passion. But I didn’t have to search and try. I always knew what I’d be when I grow up. As long as I remember, there was …

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Sallie Goetsch

WordPress Ate My Life—In a Good Way

Contributor: Sallie Goetsch

I did not spend my childhood wanting to grow up to be a WordPress consultant. Given that I was born in 1967, long before the World Wide Web even existed, I would have had to be clairvoyant to aspire to any kind of web development. I was intrigued by computers when I first encountered the …

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Sonja Jaakkola

Your Skills Speak Louder Than Your Gender

Contributor: Sonja Jaakkola

I don’t usually talk or even think about gender in relation to my career. I’m a female developer but I’ve never really felt like that is anything too special and more importantly I have rarely felt like my gender mattered. As a kid I thought I would become an artist or a dancer. It wasn’t …

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Sami Keijonen

Random Diary Chapters

Contributor: Sami Keijonen

There goes my hero Watch him as he goes There goes my hero He’s ordinary I have no idea what I’m going to write about. How about people? Ordinary people are heroes to me. People who are willing to help one another. People just like you and me. Well, at least like you 🙂 – …

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Marius Jensen

Becoming Myself Again

Contributor: Marius Jensen

It’s so easy to become secluded and sit at home, in your own bubble, but it wasn’t until a group of people literally pulled me in with their welcoming atmosphere and demeanor, that I realised that I could function amongst other people as well (even if it was somewhat limited). In The Beginning To understand …

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Denis Yanchevskiy

How I found myself in WordPress – Как я нашел себя в WordPress

Contributor: Denis Yanchevskiy

Это эссе также доступно на русском языке. About Russia and familiarity with technologies Russia is a very large and very different country. The basic population, as well as technological development, is concentrated in the central part of the country, in “city-states”: Moscow and St. Petersburg. Other regions are much less developed: lower wages, worse and …

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Alice Orru

How I tried, applied, got involved. Realizing one of my childhood dreams.

Contributor: Alice Orru

When you’re born in an island, you usually grow up thinking about all the marvelous things awaiting for you on the other side of the sea. I was born in Sardinia, an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, and as a child I dreamt about becoming an air hostess. I wanted to travel …

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