Adam Soucie

Hitting Rock Bottom

Contributor: Adam Soucie

I’d never been to The Capital Grille. I’d been to nice steak houses before, but this felt like a big deal. At least it should have. I was too busy freaking out because my wife wasn’t responding to one of my texts. That’s when I knew I hit rock bottom. That mental illness had taken …

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Shiva Poudel

The Joy of Being with WordPress Community

Contributor: Shiva Poudel

When my friend Mahangu first recommended me to Topher to write an essay for HeroPress, I could not believe his words. Quite confused I asked Topher, he repeated the same ‘Share your story on HeroPress’. It was unbelievable yet a beautiful sentence that left me stunned with pride. HeroPress has been a place where I occasionally …

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Heather Acton

Screw the Blueprint. Design Your Own Path to Fulfillment.

Contributor: Heather Acton

Growing up, I bought into society’s notion of what made for a successful and rewarding life. For me, the blueprint for finding fulfillment looked something like this: Step 1. Get good grades in school. Step 2. Attend a nice college. Step 3. Land a secure job with an attractive salary and benefits. Step 4. Find …

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Emilie Lebrun

Living A Better Life Thanks To WordPress

Contributor: Emilie Lebrun

To me, as well as many others, WordPress is more than a technical choice, it’s a lifestyle choice. I didn’t see it as such right away. Looking at the last 4 years of my life, I can fully appreciate its impact. Aspiring to a life full of adventures and whimsy; I never really fit the …

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Barış Ünver

Blogging, Solopreneurship, & Terrorism

Contributor: Barış Ünver

This story involves me as a blogger, the Prime Minister, me again as a web developer, an Islamic cult attempting a coup d’état, and me again as a solopreneur. Oh, and WordPress. And ISIS. WordPress: My First Encounter In the beginning of 2006, everyone in Turkey was talking about blogs. It was the hot new thing …

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Winstina Hughes

We Are The Same

Contributor: Winstina Hughes

Topher asked me to write an article for HeroPress as we sat together in an alcove in the Philly Convention Center. I was in a vulnerable space. My lightning talk at WordCamp US had concluded, and I was settling into the experience of being at another WordCamp. I thought about the life experiences that brought …

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Tom Nowell

Over The Atlantic

Contributor: Tom Nowell

I’m on a plane. They’ve just served lunch and I realise I’m stuck. There isn’t enough room to slip out for a bathroom break without tipping my meal and the trolley blocks the aisle. I cough and notice I’m tense, what’s going on? I enjoy flying, why should today be any different? Is it that …

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Andrei Lupu

The WordPress Mantra Is Mine Too

Contributor: Andrei Lupu

Transparency makes the world go round I like being honest, so please allow me to provide a context for this story. First of all, I’m a pretty introvert kind of guy, and I often need to be thrown in the cold water to start learning how to swim. This was exactly what happened with my teammate, …

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Sarah Wefald

Changing Careers with WordPress

Contributor: Sarah Wefald

Working in WordPress full time did not come quickly, directly, or in the ways I expected, and it was worth every step of the way. I started out in marketing in the music industry and ended up as the project manager at a WordPress development agency nearly 10 years later. Changing careers is a lot …

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Jackie D'Elia

Full Circle: Life Lessons of a Perennial Entrepreneur

Contributor: Jackie D’Elia

I didn’t go to college until I was in my 40’s. When I graduated high school I went to work for a family business. There has been one common thread throughout my adult career, my love for technology. I was 24 when I bought my first computer, it was PC running MS-DOS. Five years later, …

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