Pull quote: WordPress has given me much more than just a job. It has given me back my pride, my strength, a social life.
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Freedom to Parent

In any post about how WordPress changes lives the word Freedom invariably comes up. Freedom to be yourself, to travel, to grow, learn, even age. This week’s replay is about the freedom to parent.

Ines was a young single mother without advanced education during an economic downturn. Things seemed bleak.

Through her own hard work and effort she learned the fundamentals of web development, but it was WordPress that allowed her to pursue that profession from her own home. She was able to be home with her baby and care for him the way she saw fit. He was able to grow getting to know his mother every day instead of a day care worker.

WordPress can be an incredible source of freedom for single parents, allowing them to have a solid career while also being good parents.

Getting A Life

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