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By Helping Others, I Save Myself

I think I met Ed Finkler at WordCamp Milwaukee in 2016. It was at the speaker dinner, and he sat across from me for a while. He seemed like a pretty normal WordPress developer and several weeks later I asked him to do a HeroPress essay. His answer surprised me. “Well sure, that sounds pretty cool, aside from the fact that I don’t really do WordPress anymore”.

As it turns out, he had mostly retired from active WordPress development. His every day world was now filled with working in different frameworks and languages, amongst people who help WordPress in disdain. But Ed’s view fascinated me. For all that he was working with more modern frameworks, WordPress is what made him a great developer. The empathy and compassion for the user that WordPress holds so dearly carried over into the rest of his life.

So what was he doing at WordCamp? Spreading the word about his cool new organization, which I will leave for you to read about.

How WordPress Taught Me To Be a Better Developer

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