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India and HeroPress

It’s no secret that HeroPress was greatly helped in its early days by people from India. Jeet, Saurabh, Aditya, Alexander, and many others gave deep and meaningful advice on how I, as a white American male, should approach the task I had set before me. This is one of the reasons it makes me so happy when I hear stories of how WordPress changes lives there, especially for women.

This week’s HeroPress replay is from Juhi Patel, from Gujarat, in northwestern India. As I recall, hers was also the very first HeroPress essay to be multi-lingual, something I’ve always wanted.

Juhi’s culture isn’t too keen on women doing Professional work, a problem not all that uncommon throughout the world. Not only did she have the courage to move against that belief system, WordPress gave her the tools to practically make it happen, and thereby be an example to other women around her. There are still good things happening in the world, and Juhi is helping to make them happen.

Check out her essay here:

Is WordPress Good for Indian Women?