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Have Faith In Yourself

A couple years ago I was at Prestige Conf in Minneapolis. I noticed a young woman sitting by herself, patiently waiting for the talks to start, and thought I’d say hi. Her name was Stacey, and she was a freelance web developer and design expert. She was had recently quit her job to go freelance and this conference was part of her self-education.

Our conversation brought back lots of memories of the excitement of when I first quit a good job to go freelance, but I was impressed by how much more attention to detail she’d paid than I had. I was a Bad Freelancer.

A few weeks later it occurred to me that she might be willing to make the header banners for HeroPress essays. I asked, and she agreed at a price I could afford.  For a couple years now all of the banners you’ve seen on HeroPress were made by Stacey Bartron. No-one else has ever told me this, but I think the banners are pretty important to the essays and she’s done a wonderful, meaningful job.

Stacey quit her job and went freelance because she had faith in her own abilities. Her skills were greater than the use to which they were being put at The Day Job. As it turns out, she was right.

Check out Stacey’s very own HeroPress essay here:

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