Pull Quote: We cannot know the end of any journey until we find ourselves there.
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The Hero’s Journey

A couple years ago I noticed that someone had done a talk at WordCamp Brighton called “The Hero’s Journey“. As you can imagine it immediately caught my eye and I went hunting to find this cool person.  As it turns out it was Tamsin Taylor from Brighton and she had a great story. As I was re-reading it today I was struck by her point that great things are built from the foundation of many smaller things. Experience comes from years of simply doing. Maturity comes from years of growing. Heroism comes from many small acts of goodness.

There’s a journey involved in every destination. We face hardship, struggle, pain, and growth, and at the end we’re a different person in a different place. Often we don’t realize it until someone says “Wow, you’re amazing, how did you get so good at that?” and you realize you’ve just been doing it so long that it just feels like who you are.

Find the good things in life and do them over and over until they become who you are.  Also, read Tamsin’s excellent essay:

The Bumpy Journey of Becoming

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