Four Years

On March 25th, 2015, I published Rarst’s HeroPress essay “Finding Your Place“. It’s been four years.

As of this post there are 165 essays published. 165 stories of dreams, successes, failures, and courage. 165 people I’ve gotten to know and love. It feels like it’s always been there.

For a while this last year I only published once a month, so I could both focus on work a little more as well as draw attention to past essays. A few weeks ago I went back to weekly, and I’m happy with it. It’s exciting getting to know a new person every week. Not just meet them, but have good conversation and really get to know them.

I have some fun news. The other day Josepha The Magnificent approached me about syndicating HeroPress on https://wordpress.org/news/. It’s already on WordPress Planet (Thanks Matt!), which is the number one driver of traffic to this site, by FAR. I’ll be interested to see what being on /news does.

People often ask me about the future of HeroPress, but I don’t really see it changing much. Getting syndicated is nice, but doesn’t really change what I do or publish. We did a scholarship giveaway a couple years ago and we’ve discussed doing it again. I really enjoyed that, I’d welcome more things like it from other organizations.

To all of you who’ve read over the years, I thank you. To all of you who’ve been transparent and had the courage to let the world see your story, I can’t thank you enough. Every time someone says to me “HeroPress is such an encouragement to me” it’s because of you.

Here’s to the future, and many more stories.


  1. Awesome news Topher! Thanks for the opportunity you gave me to share my story here. Looking forward to read many more!

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