Pull Quote: This one simple attitude adjustment, changing “no” to “let me look into that”, opened up more doors and possibilities than I ever thought possible.
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WordPress Is For You

When HeroPress started, a stated intention was to be a voice for people on the fringe of the Western WordPress culture. In my head I thought this geographical, and involved places like Africa and Asia. I quickly came to realize that everyone is on the fringe of something.

This month’s HeroPress replay is titled “Doing What I Want”  by Becky Davis. Becky’s an American, but she doesn’t fit the American IT worker mold of young white male. In fact, her gender and age were regular friction points in her attempts to get jobs. She’s not old by any means, but she’s not 19 either.

WordPress became a place for her where things like age and gender don’t matter nearly as much as other jobs. Check out Becky’s essay and perhaps drop her a comment.


Doing What I Want