Category: Strategy

Validation and the Future

This last week after cancelling Kickstarter1 I got another set of validation that I didn’t expect.  A great many people came out of the woodwork and said “This project can’t die, you have to keep it running. I’m happy to volunteer my time, how can I help?” That meant an enormous amount to me.  Knowing …

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Cancelling Kickstarter 1

let us live laugh love bounce back and grab the moment to keep hope alive The Present Today we cancelled our first Kickstarter.  We had 3 days left, but it was pretty obvious we weren’t going to make it. We really appreciate all the support we’ve gotten.  The Kickstarter contributors were great. The verbal and …

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The Deep Dark Secret of HeroPress

I’ll cut right to the chase here.  HeroPress isn’t about WordPress.  It’s not even really about technology. HeroPress is about courage.  It’s about wisdom and understanding.  It’s about faith in our own abilities. HeroPress is about empowerment.  It’s about providing a springboard for those who need it.  Encouragement for those who doubt. In the end, …

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