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Proving Geography Doesn’t Matter

Map of Kansas with St. Lucia overlaid.Almost exactly two years ago I was looking at Google Analytics Realtime and someone from St. Lucia popped up.  St. Lucia isn’t a very big place. In the map on the right you can see a little pink dot in the center.  That’s the size of St. Lucia compared to Kansas. The entire country has fewer people than my city. I wondered who that was, so I tweeted out to the world, asking if anyone knew who that might be. A friend from Themeisle said “Our man Uriahs lives there, maybe it’s him!”

I looked up Uriahs, and sure enough, it was him! I was fascinated to learn what a WordPress community would look like on an island that size. As it turns out, he’s fairly alone in WordPress geographically. When I met him, he had never been off his tiny island in the Caribbean.

Uriahs’ essay is about learning and finding a career in a global workspace, having a GOOD job, all while living someplace where that job didn’t even exist.

A Minority Amongst Minorities