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What’s Next For HeroPress?

For years now people have been asking me “So what’s next for HeroPress?” and I didn’t have a good answer. I was content to let it just be inspirational essays forever. But as the years went by, I began to feel more and more that I wanted to go one step further, and start providing resources to those newly inspired people. Some direction, now that they’re convinced they that too can Do It.

About a year ago my wife Cate asked, “What if we were able to fund this, so I could take on the HeroPress work as my full time job? Then, we could start doing a lot more.” And thus began a series of conversations that still hasn’t ended.

We didn’t want to ask people to help financially without offering them something more in return, so we started brain storming about what we could make that people would value. We came up with MANY ideas which we didn’t follow up on, but we also came up with some GREAT ones that we did do.

Great Ideas We’ve Acted On

Last week we released WP Podcasts, which aggregates all the episodes from all the WordPress podcasts we can find, so you can search by keyword or tag and find individual episodes across all of them.  For playback and subscription we direct you back to the original site, driving traffic back to the podcaster.

You probably already know about Hallway Chats, and then there’s this site (

Soon we’ll be releasing Find It WP (think Yahoo for WordPress), a curated listing of everything in WordPress. A curated listing of everything in WordPress.  Every podcast, every email newsletter, every dev agency, every theme shop, and on forever. If it’s WordPress, it’ll be in there, assuming they choose to sign up. There are a couple more sites in the hopper as well, but I’ll tell you more about them another day.

Today’s Announcement

TODAY I’m excited to announce the next new thing for HeroPress: The HeroPress Network. This is a site that serves several purposes.

  • To aggregate everything from all of the HeroPress properties into one site, the latest essay, Hallway Chat, WordPress Podcast episode, new thing on Find It WP, etc.
  • A community news blog. Think People magazine, but less smarmy.
  • A platform for video and text tutorials and training produced by the HeroPress team. You can go see the first WordPress Tip Of The Week right here!

Future Needs

As you can see, with what we have going on now plus what we have planned, we have MORE than enough work for a full time employee.

For this reason, on October 24th 2021 we’re going to open up funding opportunities.

This isn’t an Event with a goal and a thermometer to track funds received, or balloons and a band. This is going to be more like a Patreon, where we’re looking for people who are willing to support the project long term. Don’t get me wrong, we won’t turn down one-time help, but if this is going to grow it needs long term support.

On the technical side of funding, we’re choosing to use GiveWP instead of Patreon for a few important reasons.

  1. We’re all in on the WordPress ecosystem. We want to show that it can be done, and done well, in WordPress.
  2. Another is the old story of owning your platform. We don’t want to depend on other sites if we don’t have to. We’re going to have to write some code to make GiveWP work like Patreon, but that just means we’ll have one more thing to give back to the community.

It’s been nearly seven years since HeroPress started, and I’m excited to see it blossom into something even greater.

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