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Changes are Coming to HeroPress

From the beginning, conversations have occurred about what else HeroPress could do, but the necessary factors never line up to make them a reality.

Until now.

Last fall, potential sponsorship got us thinking. This spring, community interest got us researching. And now, it is time to move!

Plans are in the works to build out new community-focused resources that will provide opportunities through out all of WordPress, resources like a Facebook Group, newsletter, new website content, etc.

Along with our ideas, we’ll be reaching out to get your thoughts as well. We want to know what needs you see and problems that HeroPress could help solve. We’ve always believed a stronger community comes through collaboration, and a stronger community is the point after all.

One thing that won’t change are the essays. They will continue just as they always have. The new resources will come alongside partnering opportunity with their inspiration.


    1. I’m glad! I assume that link is a nudge to not pin too much on facebook groups?

    2. Thanks for this, Tessa; both your excitement and ideas. We appreciate both.:)

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