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Why Expand HeroPress?

The goal of HeroPress is to help. It always was and it always will be.

For the last five years we’ve given what we had to give. Between full time work and raising a family, focusing on elevating other people’s voices was the best route, and the essays continued.

But now — motivated by community interest — we have the opportunity to do more.

We have a unique platform that can be used to create equity in the community. One place to come to find information, meet diverse people groups, and ultimately bridge the various WordPress communities across the world.

To do this, we plan to:

  • Raise access to knowledge by removing economic barriers.
  • Enable global conversations that grow WordPress for the future.
  • Educate us all with the richness and depth that can only come from multi-cultural perspectives and experiences.

The WordPress community is vast and life is busy. In the best of times it is difficult to broaden our relationships to meet the ever growing demands of business, and these are not the best of times.

So, we’re looking to help by bringing the world to you. One url with one purpose meeting a variety of needs.

I have always believed that we have the ability to do amazing things together, and through this expansion we hope to do just that.

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  1. I’m surprised there is still no Podcast for ‘HeroPress’ let me know if you want to explore that option. We do consulting and coaching for Podcasts from equipment over marketing to distribution. Let me know if you are interested!

  2. I’m sorry. I read your goals and they are so general that they have no real meaning. You need to be very, very specific in your short, medium and long term goals. Saying you are going to “Raise access to knowledge by removing economic barriers.” means nothing without further in-depth explanations. I am sure you mean well, but you need to be more specific.

    1. You’re absolutely right. The the last two posts have been to give the community a heads up that the change is happening, instead of just springing it on them. This way anyone interested in learning more sooner can sign up for the email list, where announcements will happen first, and then in the next week or two we will release a more detailed blog post. These posts have also opened up brainstorming to the community. Instead of only including our ideas, we’ve been able to get organic recommendations from what people would like to see.

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