Topher wearing his cape.
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HeroPress Gets A Surprise

A couple of months ago Michelle Frechette approached me about being on a podcast for I didn’t realize at the time I was going to be their inaugural guest! We had a great time, and things got back to normal.

Several weeks later Michelle said they sent me a thanks gift, which was very thoughtful, and that I should have someone video the unboxing. I never once imagined what they actually sent me. Here’s the video.

My family already has all sorts of ideas about how to use it at WordCamps. I just hope it survives being worn ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

It’s super well made, I snooped a little and found the etsy shop it came from. Really great embroidery and seaming. Really classy.

Thanks Sentree, and thanks Michelle. :)


  1. YAY!!! I’m so happy to see the excitement. We were so grateful for your knowledge and your willingness to share. Thank you for being part of Sentree Learning!

    And the cape looks fabulous on you!

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